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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Ted - free admission
The Amazing Spider-Man 3D - free admission
Powder Blue - DVD
Crazy, Stupid Love - HBO
To Rome With Love - free admission
The Do Deca Pentathlon - free admission
ZAAT! - free admission
Manhattan - free admission
Extraterrestre - free admission
Magic Mike - free admission
Coraline 3D - free admission
Ice Age: Continental Drift 3D - free admission
Beasts of the Southern Wild - free admission

First time seein' Coraline last week! Part of Drafthouse's Summer Kids' Camp series, it was playin' at Alamo Slaughter and in 3D, so I went...and got all kinds of grief for not havin' a kid with me. But I checked with the Alamo's twitter person, and they said a kid isn't necessary to get into the kids movie, so I was totally justified.

Also, that movie was pretty damn creepy.

Saw the fourth Ice Age in 3D at Alamo Slaughter the other day...not great, but not terrible, and pretty consistent with the previous movies in the series.

Went to Drafthouse South Lamar for the first show of the day of BotSW. Fairly decent film told from a child's perspective about life on a Louisiana barrier island before & after a hurricane (possibly Katrina, but no way to know for sure).

Saw Brave for a second time, in 2D, yesterday afternoon at Alamo Slaughter. Best part of that was the preshow - all Pixar shorts!

Not sure what I'll go to see tonight...
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