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Re: All I Got Left is My THREAD BOMBS!

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I Love it. I'm rewatching The IT Crowd again and loving it. I miss Denholm, though. I think I liked him better than I like Douglas (who, admittedly, is good for some funny bits such as his electric pants).
I know what you mean, they're both funny in their own way but Denholm was that bit funnier. But Douglas certainly has his moments.

"God damn these electric sex pants!"
I think it's because Douglas is sexist and inept, whereas Denholm was unpredictable. Every joke about Douglas centers around him being sexist or inept, whereas you never knew what Denholm was going to do, up to and including the scene from the gif.

Anyway, my spider-sense is saying something similar has been posted, but in the off chance that I'm misremembering something that never actually happened, I made the following to illustrate a situation we've all been in:

"When I reach for the edge of the universe, I do it knowing that along some paths of cosmic discovery, there are times when, at least for now, one must be content to love the questions themselves." --Neil deGrasse Tyson
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