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Re: Orci Drops Trek 2 Character Hints

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Also Orci has just declared the Comics canon, which he semi-declared a while back anyway, which should take care of the Gary Mitchell speculation once and for all.
Christopher pretty much nails this one on the head over in Trek Lit: only the tie-ins are required to follow that decree, the movies can contradict the "canon" comics any time they like.

But it does bring up great fodder that the movie and Countdown contradict each other and yet are both canon. And so is Nero's 25 year journey to meet V'ger.

I think he was joking about the comics being canon...
I'm not so sure...
Their not canon.

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He was not kidding. Ask him yourself. He and I have been talking about this for a while. He even noted in our 'is movie character canon' game (see my previously posted interview) that if they put a movie character into the comics before the release of the movie does that make them already canon, which we agreed yes but not part of the 'original canon'.

So no, this is no joke. Although I suspect CBS needs to get on board for it. As noted in the interview, Paramount are already in agreement that the game is canon. I suspect IDW would also welcome it.
Bob Orci wrote:
0h please. have a little fun. i said and have said exactly what you just said forever, but Pascale pushed me, he wont give up! i have said a million times that we cant determine what is canon. on this day, i said something else. “consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”
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