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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

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The fact is TV has changed since the 80s, so a new show would have be different from TNG. A new Star Trek show would need an ongoing story and stronger continuity to make it in today's TV landscape.
Yet CBS, the number 1 network, has very few of these types of shows. Leaning more on episodic offerings.
Sure, cop shows. CBS doesn't do sci if. Sci if and the episodic approach have parted ways because episodic shows are for broadcast and the more broadcasty cable networks like USA, no sci if there either, while sci if is for cable networks like AMC and TNT which veer towards serialization. There's still some episodicish sci fi on SyFy but God help us if Star Trek falls into their clutches. And would CBS really make a series for an NBC property anyway?
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