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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

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Since I seem to be the target demographic, maybe I ought to read this. Though it sounds as if it may actually be even worse than my own fanfic, which would be a real stretch.

Small thought: why is it 'manly' when males (of any age) look at images of sex, but somehow 'sad' when women (especially older ones) read about it? Porn mags have known for years that while men respond to images, women are more likely to respond to words - which is why they have text sections. The books may well be crap (TLR!) but women reading about sex is surely ok? no?
From what I've heard of the books it's not the fact they're about sex that's bothering people, it's the fact the whole thing is about male control and the submissive woman. As well as a sexually inexperienced woman allowing an experienced man who's in to sexual games totally dominate her and of course in the end it turning out that all he needed was a good woman to change him. Basically it sends all the wrong messages. But it's fiction, if people like it then that's fair enough.

Also, gerrout of 'ere. Shoo! Go on! Go.
Ah I see. I stand corrected. As I say, I've never read them. WHS is advertising it as "The book everyone is talking about" which I took to mean "everyone says it's crap". And life is too short to read bad fanfic (though maybe not to write it. )
Yep, much like Da Vinci Code, even the people who seem to have enjoyed it say it's a load of crap. And apparently it actually did start out as fanfic, so you know the type of thing.
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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