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Re: Ant-Man: Info, Pics, Rumors, Casting and Details till release

My hunch is maybe in Phase 3. If Daredevil comes back and maybe Ghost Rider then those plus Punisher could formulate a "street hero" introduction into the MCU.

Addressing Ant-Man "talking" to the ants though as someone mentioned up thread. That's been portrayed two ways. The first was that Pym was able to decode the different clicks and taps an ant makes with it's mandibles much like researchers listen to dolphins and link to that happy, sad, fight or flight behaviors. His helmet would then be the receiver and transmitter for "talking", Pym essentially giving the "clicks" for friend/foe/fight etc.

Another that came later was Pym found out nuances and had his helmet then translate that into actual human verbiage communication. This one I don't like as much. I think it much more "believable" to stick with the first approach.

If I could find some scanned panels I'll post them. I have the Ant-Man/Giant Man Marvel Masterworks so time willing at some point I'll flip through and maybe take a pic of the panels he describes the first example.
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