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Dear God I just sat through an episode of the Walking Dead season 2 where Lori argued with Andrea because she spent her time guarding the encampment putting more pressure on the remaining women to do the cooking and the cleaning! She even accused her to sitting and working on her tan while on guard duty! Wtf? I don't think my jaw fell open so wide since I saw Brad Pitt's abs in Thelma and Louise.

I know these characters are supposed to be hicks but really that level of sexism is lamentable in a 'modern drama without something to balance it out. They didn't even give Andrea any decent comeback about Rick clubbing her on the head and dragging her back to his cave.
Glad I'm not the only one who feels that the show has really terrible, annoying level of sexism and gender stereotyping. I just don't know if/how much of it is meant to be intentional - not just because they're hicks but because people are falling back on caveman behavior or something due to the apocalypse? In any case, that scene was rage-inducing, I was mostly indifferent to Lori before that but that's what tipped the balance for me. She's really a terribly written character.

I mean, just look at the entire Rick/Shane rivalry - it can be summed up like this:

Shane: Now that my BFF Rick is gone, I'm the only one who can take his place and protect his wife and son. They're my family now.
Lori: Oh yeah, baby, you're my big manly protector now! *they have lots of hot sex*
Lori: Mu husband is alive! You asshole, you told me he was dead and I slept with you and this means now that I'm a bad woman who cheated on my husband - sort of (do you know what that means? Cheating wives usually end up killed in movies and shows!) - and now I feel guilty and I need someone to blame, so from now on I'm going to start treating you like shit and telling you're the lowest scum that's ever walked the Earth!
Shane: Wait! Wasn't I a good manly protector to you and your son?
Lori: Scum!
Shane: Lori, Rick is not a good enough leader and manly protector for you and your son! I can do that so much better than him!
Lori: Shut up! No, Rick is awesome, Rick is the best, you suck!
Shane: No, Rick sucks! I'm the better leader and manly protector!

(rinse and repeat, in every single episode)

Shane: Rick, you suck! I'm a better leader and I'm more manly and my junk is bigger, just look at those pants I'm wearing that really show off my stuff - the female viewers are certainly noticing them... No, wait, better don't, that could be seen as kinda gay. And some people could say that I'm kinda too obsessed with you and it's not about Lori and the kid at all as much as it's about you, and they could read slashy things about this, and we can't have that, since we're supposed to be so manly, 'ya know.

Lori: This is a scene where I suddenly act like a typical "manipulative woman" and tell you that you should solve the Shane situation, hinting that you should kill him (all the while I'm stroking your chest sexily). 'Cause we all know that you're the only one that can deal with Shane, being the Man and all, so you two should settle this as Men, which we all know means fists and guns. Man up - it goes without saying that if you're not the big manly man who can put people in line, Shane can take your place, you know that?
Rick: So, first you fucked my wife while I was gone, then you've been trying to steal my wife and son and my place as the boss of this group?
Shane: It's 'cause you're a sissy, and your wife and son need someone to protect them. I'm a much tougher and manlier than you and I can protect them better! Also, mine is bigger!
Rick: Shut up now - I'm THE BOSS and I'm the one who's going to be their only manly protector, because I'm her husband and Karl's father. They're MINE!

And so on...
You forgot the last part.

Shane: Rick, come with me to the dark woods; I want to show you something. No really, this isn't a gay thing.
Rick: I know you want to kill me, but it's okay because I'm smarter than you. Hey, you notice we were out here for hours and we're only a hundred yards from the house? Oh, by the way... <STAB>
Shane: Brrrains!
Rick: I thought I was smarter than this. Carl, help!
Carl: Good thing I sneaked out again. <BLAM>
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