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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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Probably really unlikely that CBS would be the ones airing it, so, wouldn't their main expense be the Pilot, and then they would shop it around, and whoever was interested would pay the licensing fee and pick up alot of the Production Budget? Or would the Production Budget still be on CBS' head?

Would it really be as much as $5M per episode? That seems kinda high considering Enterprise ended with an $800K per episode budget (Per psot above), not even 10 years ago. Sure, the Pilot would be expensive, and you'd need start costs for sets, so S1 would be pricier, but, once you get some sets built throughout S1, $5M per episode just seems really exhorbitant. Isn't CGI getting cheaper rather than more expensive?
I'm going from memory here, but I believe Enterprise was at 1.8 million an episode during season four. The $800,00 was what UPN was paying for the right to air it, which was a substantial decrease from the other three seasons.

CBS would obviously have the option of licensing Trek to another production company. But if they produce it, they would be paying the production budget but also collecting home video and syndication profits as well. But it also is a much longer cycle to get a return on thier investment.
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