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Re: Joss Whedon Remains Undecided About ĎAvengers 2′

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lf you were able to read properly through all that red nerd rage of yours you would know that what l said was l never watched it "much". l did watch it enough to get a clue and form an opinion, and l'm standing by my "tweeny bullshit" assessment. So take your little piece of advice and shove it up- nah. l guess l'll be the gentleman here. A good day to you, sir.
"I don't like Buffy" is an opinion.
"Buffy is tweeny bullshit" is factually incorrect.

I suggest learning the difference between fact and opinion before joining a discussion.
You know, the only reason l came back and quoted the other person is because they had the audacity to try to tell me that l didn't have a place in this discussion. Now, heres another asshole doing the same thing.

l don't really give a shit lf l offend all of you Buffy freaks with my comments. The fact is, l have one view of the show while you guys have another. Hell, just recently l was on another thread about J.J. Abrams and his Star Trek films where the discussion got sidetracked into LOST, of which l am a huge fan. When people started coming on and bad-mouthing that particular show l didn't tell them "you have no ldea what you're talking about" or "go away". You fucking thread police can kiss my ass.

And by the way, Kelthaz, the "discussion" l joined here was about Joss Whedon's possible involvement with Avengers 2, not how many cream-pies Buffy gave out in the locker room.
And did this person also say that they haven't watched "much of" Lost, but they know it's a bullshit children's show?

See, all I told you is that it's not a good idea to talk about and make judgments about something you have no clue about. It's the same reason why it's not a good idea for a critic to write a review of the book after reading two pages of it, or about a movie after watching 10 minutes of it. Like I said, you just make yourself look foolish. (Which is assumed is something you wouldn't want to do... )

I have no doubts you might have caught 2 and a half episodes of Buffy and one and a half of episodes of Angel or something like that, or more, but you clearly haven't seen nearly enough to make an informed opinion, which you proved with the "tweeny bullshit" comment. See, you could have seen all of BtVS and AtS and still think they're bullshit - a matter of taste, de gustibus non disputandum, one man's meat is another man's poison etc. - but it's simply impossible for you to have actually seen a bit more of those shows and think they're aimed at children aged 10-12, since that can be further from the truth, as Christopher explained. Saying that those shows were "tweeny" is factually incorrect. It's like going on a rant about Ron Moore's BSG being shit and saying that what you hated the most was that it had a robot dog in it. Or ranting that Lost was the worst sitcom you've ever seen (and that you thought that guy Gilligan was really annoying).
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