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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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TNG Recut is excellent, the best thing is that it has continuity and story arcs that get more and more intricate (and insane) as it develops. That episode was part of an arc that started when Picard insulted Spot.
Oh boy, just what I need, another time-sink on the 'net.

Actually, I've recently been going back through your older review threads (because that's the sort of thing someone does when stuck at their computer listening to music, I guess) and noticed that this current one doesn't seem to quite 'pop' the way your other ones did. Granted, part of that's probably due to longer breaks, but there's a little more to it methinks:

VOY Thread:
GodBen constantly bickering with rabid VOY fans about his opinions. Entertainment for all!

ENT Thread:
GodBen occasionally bickering with reasonable ENT fans about his opinions. Amusement for all.

B5 Thread:
Niners bickering with each other in endless Spoiler Tags. Entertainment for all but GodBen.

DS9 Threads:
Reasonable discussions with all involved. But is it entertainment?

So, here's something I can justifiably bicker about: you forgot Gul Evek for the Me Counter way back in The Maquis, Part 1. Well, okay, I guess he did technically first appear as an unnamed Cardassian in Playing God, but he was properly established as a character in TNG's Journey's End. That counts, right?
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