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The U.S.S. Voyager went missing on Stardate 48346.5 (May 7th, 2371), at the same time the ship was being flung across the galaxy, life was proceeding as normal for the crews of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D and Deep Space 9.

Onboard DS9, the crew are still on edge following their encounter with the Founders of the Dominion at the beginning of the year. Here is the Command Staff of Deep Space 9, at the time Voyager went missing:

Commanding Officer — Commander Benjamin Sisko — Human, Male
First/Bajoran Liaison Officer — Major Kira Nerys — Bajoran, Female
Starfleet Security Liaison* — Lt. Commander Macha Hernandez — Human, Female
Chief Science Officer — Lieutenant Jadzia Dax — Trill (Joined), Female
Chief Tactical Officer** — Lieutenant JG Tom Paris — Human, Male
Chief Medical Officer — Lieutenant JG Julian Bashir — Human, Male
Chief of Operations — Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles O’Brien — Human, Male
Chief of Station Security — ‘Constable’ Odo — Changeling, Male

* Assigned to monitor, assess and supervise all Starfleet Security related matters in the region
** Assigned to boost the tactical readiness of the station and the Defiant
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