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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I watched the first episode, and thought it was pretty good. It was only 5 minutes long, so it didn't get real deep into the story or world, but what I saw was pretty interesting and unique. I especially like the fact that their people manipulating things behind the scenes (at least that was the impression I got) was a bunch of old ladies sitting around knitting.
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Here are my thoughts on Electric City:
-The most hilarious bit of the show is the fact that they all say expletive whenever they should be cursing. It just sounds so weird when they say something and follow it with "Expletive."
I'm pretty sure that them saying expletive was their version of cursing. It's pretty much their version of Red Dwarf's smeg, Farscape's frell/dren, and BSG's frak.
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