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Ian Keldon
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Re: TMP Epsilon 9 radio chatter

I don't know if there are. Various edits of the movie had different levels of sound mixing. The "Director's Cut" version, for example, has the sound remixed so that the background is hard to make out, unlike some earlier versions.

It IS known, from various sources, that the chatter included references to the scouts Columbia (NCC-621) and Revere (NCC-595) as well as the dreadnought Entente (NCC-2120). All three came from the Franz Joseph Technical Manual, as did some of the display diagrams seen on various monitors.

Supposedly there is also reference to the Merrimac by it's FJ listed hull number (NCC-1715), and a long-range shuttle, (some people with very good home theaters say is the Laika or Lakia), but those references on versions I've heard if they're there at all are in the illegible background.
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