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Re: Ant-Man: Info, Pics, Rumors, Casting and Details till release

It's going to require me to have a big open mind. I mean I wasn't a fan of Iron Man, Thor or Captain America either but they were at least characters and identities I could latch onto and buy into and roll with. Billionaire industrialist in a powered suit, a Norse god and a WWII super solider. None of which have any extra-ordinary powers and such that strains how much belief I'm willing to suspend. Even Hulk is "believable" on a level or two and I find them all pretty interesting.

Ant-Man? Strains how far I'm willing to suspend my disbelief for a movie series and I just find the powers lame and everything I've heard about his character in the comics is that he's kind of a jackass. It's going to be a big "let's see" but I just can't help but think there's a lot of other Marvel characters more suited to be explored and used than Ant-Man.
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