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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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Glad to hear it.

The relevant parties haven’t sat down in a room together, but they have sent messages through intermediaries. So after [the 2013 Star Trek sequel] comes out or as its ramping up and after the powers that be determine whether or not Star Trek is back or not – one movie doesn’t make a trend. Two movies starts to indicate that there is a trend and its viable. It will become more real as the year goes on.
Bolded emphasis mine. This makes sense. Provided ST XII does well, and I'm sure it will, I bet we'll have word on the next series before 2013 is over.
I'm not so sure. The economics of a live-action Trek simply don't make sense. It'll automatically be one of the most expensive shows on TV to make and it doesn't really fit CBS demographics.

Plus there's the Moonves factor. He pulled the plug on Enterprise and is noted as not being a fan of science fiction.

It doesn't really add up. Especially when CBS is making money off of Trek with little effort and not much in the way of monetary outlay. TNG season one remastered reportedly cost nine million to produce, if they keep up that rate it'll cost $72 million for 178 episodes CBS can sell over and over again. While a single new season of live Trek is liable to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-110 million dollars with no guarantees that the audience and advertising dollars will be there.
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