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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

So basically what he's saying is that when the new movie comes out next year, everyone needs to go see it multiple times, and should grab ten friends to go see it with as well, so that it will make so much money that CBS will be forced to concede that Trek is in fact popular enough to spend money for a new series that will cost them fifteen times as much to produce as a reality show would.

Well, he's sold me on it

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Wake me when Moonves is dead.

The thing about Moonves is that he's been given a rap that he hates Star Trek and sci-fi in general, when there's never been any proof that that's even remotely true (unless somebody knows something I don't). If he thought a new Trek or sci-fi series would make tons of money for CBS, I'm sure he'd approve one tomorrow.
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