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Re: Orci Drops Trek 2 Character Hints

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This is a snippet from the article about the interview he gave stating which characters would not be in the movie.

' “All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand…,” said Orci.'
I just explained this to you earlier in the thread, in fact it's quoted at the top of the page.

Also Orci has just declared the Comics canon, which he semi-declared a while back anyway, which should take care of the Gary Mitchell speculation once and for all.
What? I was addressing a question asked by another poster. It seems to me that anyone doing an interview after 22hrs of press, flight, or sitting on the toilet, is not his right mind to be doing another interview right behind it and give correct information. I hope I have explained it to you.
Bob Orci was not doing "22 hours of press." He was taking the piss out on Karl Urban's very similar quote from a few days before. Hence Anthony following up with "Nice callback."

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Yea, sitting on the toilet for 22 hours would definitely wear someone out and make their interview afterwards unreliable
It definitely explains this article title:
Damon Lindelof talks about struggle to find title for Star Trek Sequel (Without a Colon.)
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