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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Okay, folks--now...Ezri Dax makes her statement. Now, the lines will be drawn--the "day of reckoning" comes....

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 24

Ezri Dax sat silently, waiting her turn, as she listened to Gleer’s speech. It was unsurprising—the sort of thing she was expecting, on values and common standards, and the rules. Still…she had been put off by the reference to Spock—her friend, almost a mentor for the spans of about a week, who had helped her through an emotional trial. Had James T. Kirk not…

But that was the past. Now, Gleer was done.

The present said, “Thank you, Councilman. Are there any further statements to be made?”

Ezri waited for a moment. Not surprisingly, there were no takers.

She rose to her feet, turning to President Bacco. “Madam President,” she said, “With your permission…I would like to address the Council.”

Bacco nodded. “Of course. The chair recognizes Captain Ezri Dax…of the starship Aventine.”

“Thank you, Madam President,” Ezri replied, as she stepped down from her stand.

She walked to the floor, a short distance from the president’s podium…her hands clasped behind her back, to keep them from shaking. She surveyed all—the Council…and the visitors—her crew, her friends…and Julian Bashir, Sarina sitting beside him. All were watching her, in silence.

She looked up at the press box—Jake was there, with his crew. She knew all too well…she had an idea how many others were listening.

She gathered up all her courage—all her training, all her will, all the experience of Lela, and Curzon, in all the times they were called upon to speak before so many others—and, releasing her hands, mentally instructing herself to relax…she began.
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