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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

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There was a Christmas episode but as I recall the last season ended with the heart-palpitating suspense of us wondering whether the destruction of the warehouse and the death of Mrs. Frederick etc. meant the end of the series? Or were all the characters dead? I've forgotten. Recap anyone?
Sykes blew up the warehouse. A re-combined HG/Helena/Emily sacrifices herself and save the agents with some kind of force field. Mrs. Frederic ages rapidly once the warehouse is destroyed and dies (??). She had some sort of age stopping Mayan calendar thing going on (I can't remember it all). She didn't age as long as the warehouse was running. Jinks was revealed to have been working for Mrs. Frederic the whole time, but apparently died of a heart attack (??).

If I got any of this wrong, someone let me know. That's the problem with having 9 months between series.
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It was also hinted that Artie had a device that could reverse everything. The previews hint that his doing so creates new problems (of course).
As I recall, it was McPherson's pocket-watch . . . .
Thanks for the refreshers.
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