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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I think cm punk will retain his title. Johnis all ready screwing up the MITB by not back stabbing someone. I mean every winner of the MITB has screwed who the current champion was.
And what is with the miz's new out fit I mean really.
So, it's a time honored tradition because every guy who has one (mostly heels) chosen the moment when the Champion is weakest to cash it in? Like, they're supposed to "backstab" the Champion.

I don't know how Cena's actions in this are in any doubt. DBD was quite clear after he won it that it was a 'tainted victory' and an 'easy way out' to prey upon the weakened Champion. Course he also declared that 'real men have beards' so, take that for what it's worth.

The point is: for years now Cena has been presented as the boy scout who will never so much as bend the rules as it's below him (and the WWE UniverseTM) to do so.
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