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Re: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon cancelled

Marvel Television has given some new info about the Avengers Assemble series:
The new Avengers series features the movie line-up plus Falcon, and aims to capture the movie's tone and scale. The clip Loeb shared showed the team going up against a rampaging monster in New York City. It certainly continued the Thor/Hulk relationship we saw in the movie, but it thankfully also gave Hawkeye back some of the wit he was missing from Jeremy Renner's version. Neither Falcon nor Black Widow appeared in the test footage.

Loeb made a special point of clarifying that Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was not cancelled, as such. He said the order was always for 52 episodes, and likened the transition to Avengers Assemble -- which is in continuity with the previous series -- to the transition of creative teams on superhero comics.
Okay, so apparently it's not a new continuity but a sequel series that changes the designs and approach -- analogous to The New Batman Adventures or Ben 10: Alien Force, I guess. Although that compels the question: if it's a continuation of the same universe, then where have all the other female Avengers disappeared to?!

There's also some stuff about the separate Hulk series, which adds some odd new powers to the other Hulk characters, like giving She-Hulk "energy-projecting punches," whatever that means. (Can you really call something a punch if it doesn't physically connect with something?)
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