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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Oh no no no no.....they're not dumb enough to get rid of Darrell. Darrell rocks, and I suspect TPTB have picked up on that fact. Rick and Darrell are headed for bromance city. I've never read the comics, but I suspect he'll be like a lieutenant to Rick and be the friend Shane never was. Hell, he's definitely not in love with Olive Oyl, so the bromance should be smooth sailing.
he wasn't a character in the comics he was created for the show. But he's been so popular he's being introduced into the comics.
I still don't understand WHY he was created for the show . There was a perfectly good character in the comics that filled that role and we would not have to suffer through the embarrassment of "T-dog" (god why!!!!). I wonder who Michonne will end up with since T-dog (REALLY GOD WHY!!!!) just ain't significant enough for her.
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