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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Here are my thoughts on Electric City:
-The whole Electric City page has too much going on, between the actual episodes, map that shifts as the story moves around in the episode, and the character guide. I usually have lag and eventually get stuck with horribly low quality video at some point while watching the episodes.
-The art style and animation are pretty good, but some of the voice acting is lacking.
-I get the feeling the first 10 episodes are all about world building and setting up the cast, because the Tom Hanks character doesn't show up all that much or get that much focus.
-The most hilarious bit of the show is the fact that they all say expletive whenever they should be cursing. It just sounds so weird when they say something and follow it with "Expletive."
-One of the most annoying aspects of this show is the cabal of old women who are running things behind the scenes, mostly because they seem to have turned Electric City into a strictly controlled environment for no reason other than losing their children in the post-apocalypse. They even kill one of their operatives because he wants to have a child (which you have to get a permit for), which makes no sense.
-They really need to show us something about the electrical generation in this city, because I can't see why the Spiteful Old Bitches go on and on about wasting electricity when they apparently have solar power in restaurants and give their operatives lightning guns. They've either got to show that electricity generation is hard in this post-apocalyptic world or the SOBs are stuck in their revenge fueled mindsets and ignoring the fact that they don't need to be as stingy with electricity, because this is a major part of the story and world that needs to be understood for most of the events in the show to make sense.
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