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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Where's First Minister Shakaar during all this? One of the biggest moments in Bajoran history and their political leader is absent?
That whole scene is rather odd. Let's see. The Bajorans aren't too bad; representing Bajor we have Kai Winn, a vedek wearing the orange robes, one of those purple-robed ranjens (given that it's an elderly male and Winn's in the room I like to think it's Solbor), two Bajorans in civilian outfits in the standard Bajoran earth-tones (ministers, I guess), a Bajoran aide who doesn't get a chair, and a Bajoran wearing a Betazoid outfit, which is odd since Bajoran clothing must be the single most common alien fashion line the wardrobe department has. No Militia officers, which makes sense - just civilian members of government (no doubt from the Chamber) and representatives from the clergy alongside them, which makes sense given Bajor's strongly theocratic culture.

The Federation, though, has seemingly sent one token civilian (a human male in a suit that looks almost Trill only lacks an open "V" neck), his aide, and five starfleet admirals (including the Token Vulcan and Token Bolian). Did Leyton launch another coup?

We can only assume that Shakaar is in another room at the time, meeting with actual members of the Federation government before they join the party....
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