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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Yea, it's funny, we all like to hate on FOX for "always cancelling so many SciFi shows", but, the reason they cancel so many, is because they give so many a chance
Exactly. Also, people tend to forget that show success or failure is not simply about the whims of executives but primarily about whether ratings and ad revenues are enough to offset the cost of producing a show. SF/fantasy shows generally cost more to make and have smaller niche audiences than mainstream shows, so they're intrinsically less likely to succeed. So they have a high failure rate on every network, even with the best efforts of the network execs to promote and nurture them.

Not to mention that it's been a decade since Firefly ended and the executives who made the bad decisions about it no longer work for FOX, so it's really past time the fans got over it.
Eh... I'm bitter over more than just Firefly Matter of fact, I wasn't even aware of Firefly until it was already gone. Dollhouse, Tru Calling and Sapce:Above and Beyond were shows I watched in first run.

But, yea, agreed, as painful as some of the FOX (And SyFy) cancellations are, no reason to hate on them for the business decision they were forced to make (Though TNT deliberately sabotaged the B5 spinoff Crusade, so they could weasel out of it, so, it's OK to be bitter there )
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