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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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^ I visited Atlanta last week and, fortunately, only one person treated me like you just did.
Atlanta's used to its fair share of visiting teams' fans due to it's 30 years of suckiness. There are always Mets, Cubs, Cardinals, Phillies, Yankees, Red Sox, and other fans there. Saw a large chunk of Brewers fans earlier in the year.
Well with that and the previous hating on the tomahawk chop(hey I think it's cool! ), the most hilarious moment I can recall was when Cub fans filled in Turner Field for game one of the 03 NLDS.

This was back when the Braves making the playoffs every year was normal and you could get tickets to this comparitively easy. There must have been as many Cub fans as Brave fans. They even all took off their Cub hats and mocked the tomahawk chop!

Though I wouldn't call 14 straight division titles "years of suckiness" by any stretch.
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