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The Red Sox DFA'd Lillibridge to make room for Carl Crawford's return (until his arm explodes). So, Cherington traded Kevin Youkilis for Zach Stewart and three weeks of fucking Brett Lillibridge. Good job, Ben.
Not that I loved the deal, but they weren't going to get anything more for Youk. Hell, the other deals on the table were "pay his whole salary, we'll take him off your hands" kind of deals.
Except there was no reason that the Red Sox had to trade him. He wasn't blocking Middlebrooks, because nothing said they had to play the same position -- it would have been simple to stash Youkilis in left, or have Middlebrooks play in right. Cherington / Lucchino had simply been dead-set on trading Youkilis for months. It was addition by subtraction, plain and simple.
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