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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

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I heard it was on the unoffical facebook page, I don't even know where that is.
Me neither!

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Don't know if I'm going yet, come this October I could have 5 events in weeks already! DL would make it 6.
Given the huge number of events Joiner's running between the start of September and DSTL in late October, I don't see that he has the time and or personnel resources to run DSTL.

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But I'll be in the city, so maybe. The Docklands Light Railway is out of action that weekend though.
Will be an absolute nightmare for people trying to get to Excel, assuming DSTL even happens. There's no information forthcoming about any of it. You ask Shamasters, you get nowhere. You ask Media 10, all you get is "we can't tell you anything yet".

The whole event is looking more of a complete London Olympic-esque shambles everyday.

13 weeks to go. Media 10 and Joiner really need to pull their fingers out of their arses big time if this event isn't going to be a disaster. I've long suspected that if the UK never has another Trek con, it will squarely be Joiner's fault, rather than the fact there's very little enthusiasm amongst British Trek fans.
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