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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I still wouldn't discount the networks though, honestly. If there's ever to be space opera on network TV again, Star Trek is exactly the kind of broadly successful franchise that'd do it (and of course J.J. Abrams, who did what I consider to be a bang-up job on the new movie, has apparently a good track record with network TV - I say 'apparently' as I've never actually watched his TV shows).
Well, Abrams is so busy these days that it's been a long time since he personally ran a show produced by Bad Robot; I think Felicity and Alias were pretty much the only ones. Mostly he executive-produces shows created and run by other people, like Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for Lost and Jeff Pinkner and J. H. Wyman for Fringe (although Kurtzman & Orci created that one). So the track record for Bad Robot shows has been uneven. For every Alias or Lost there's been a Six Degrees or Undercovers.

I daresay that if there were a Trek TV series from the current movie brain trust, it would more likely be created, produced, and run by Kurtzman/Orci, with Bad Robot and K/O as production partners along with CBS. (In fact, Orci's apparently looking into the possibility of a new animated Trek series, something K/O has some experience with, since they're the showrunners for Transformers Prime.)
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