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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Wow. You mean that every time somebody points out that something really popular is really bad they're doing all those terrible things? I guess I'll like everything I see without question from now on so I don't hurt anyone's feelings.
Come on. It's not about whether you dislike a movie, it's about how you express that dislike and whether it's fair or hurtful.

I don't like The Wrath of Khan much. But I don't constantly hijack every Trek movie thread with mean-spirited, abusive rants about what a horrible movie it was and how only idiots and fools could possibly like it. I strongly dislike the choices Nicholas Meyer made. But I don't impugn his competence, intelligence, or motives just because he happened to make creative choices that don't conform to my personal taste. Criticism does not require hatred, hostility, or abuse. Disagreeing with the choices made by a creator does not require vilifying the creator on a personal level or damning the intelligence or judgment of anyone who liked that creator's choices. Those are the tactics of a bully, not a reasonable critic.

Of course. So what? In terms of Trek, all these different creators managed to be mostly consistent throughout the entire run.
Superficially, yes, but there were still differences in interpretation and nuance. And then there were the massive continuity glitches or retcons that the fans simply choose to ignore in the name of pretending it all fits together, like Khan's followers changing race and getting younger, or Deanna in Insurrection saying she's never kissed a bearded Riker despite doing so multiple times in TNG, or Jonathan Archer commanding a ship named Enterprise despite statements in earlier shows that Kirk's Enterprise was the first. As I keep saying, the pretense of continuity is just part of the fiction. Everything that happens in the franchise is made up, just something we're pretending happened, and sometimes that means pretending that something actually happened differently than we pretended earlier. Which is why you can't dwell too much on "continuity" as some kind of overriding truth.

That's what creators should do when working with an established concept: Remain true to the concept while bringing something new to the table. I'm not sure what we're arguing about here.
If you haven't figured it out yet, you never will. You're just not listening to anything except your own biases and preconceptions, so of course you're not able to understand it even though I've been explaining in detail for what feels like weeks now. So I'm done trying.
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