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Re: Orci Drops Trek 2 Character Hints

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Rand is back on the table?!?! Where did they say that? That's awesome. The two canon characters I, at least, want to see the most are Rand and Chapel.

And, hmm, the whole leather-clad thing could mean Khan, could it not?
This is a snippet from the article about the interview he gave stating which characters would not be in the movie.

' “All I can say is that when I did that radio interview I had just been doing 22 hours of press. I had just got off a flight from New Zealand…,” said Orci.'

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And Alice Eve, who even looks like Sally Kellerman, will be Elizabeth Dehner.

I might have missed it, but did Uhura have a slicked back, long ponytail in TOS? Did any of the female characters wear that wierd bun on a stick (which by the way, I hope they lose)?
Obviously, some things or situations never change, in any universe.

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