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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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No need to patronize.
What you said was silly, and laughing at it was a natural reaction.

You said the "reviewing system is amazingly corrupted already." The fact that a major studio invented a film critic suggests that the major studios don't have the control over film critics that your description implies; the fact that studios regularly forgo press screenings for movies they think are bad further supports this.
The only form of corruption is direct control over what the critics write? Well, by the oddly restricted view, you are correct. The bottom line is, a correctly operating review system would reliably provide consumer information as to the quality of movies, tentpole, midrange and indie. If you wanted a guide to deciding whether to see John Carter for instance you could read a review of the movie, instead of getting an essay eviscerating the budgeting and marketing at Disney. If you wanted to decide whether to see the new Spiderman movie, you'd be able to read a review that warned you the new Peter Parker was a consistent liar, which is to say the least a novel interpretation. So, everything's peachy with the reviewing system?
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