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Re: Jessica Nigri: Babe of the week #29 (July 2012)

Now into the actual content.

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the guy who thinks he can't ever be sexist because he has worked with midwives in the past. (I'm just mentioning this to make sure he won't tell the story again. Is it the equivalent of "I have many black friends!"?)
Why would I tell that story?
Because that's what you do constantly? In fact...

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A more appropriate story that I've told before would be from when I was in QI at St Margaret's. I worked with a nurse named Mary who once wanted to go to her friend's bachelorette party where they were going to see male strippers, but her husband wouldn't "let" her. To cheer her up, I brought her in a Chippendale's calendar, which she loved. Our boss, a nurse named Maureen, came into the office while she was looking at it and Mary had a moment of panic. But Maureen, a bit older and the prim and proper type, also loved it and told Mary to hang it on the bulletin board.
You did it again, right here.

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I used that story as one of several examples that women are the equal of men and should not need to be protected.
Good. Then go starting a thread "Freak of the week" and have people rating you. Make sure people add some really nasty, crass comments about your age, appearence, body shape, and sexual attractiveness. Have people comment on how you are only good for a shag, or not even for that.

You will go home angry, hurt and shamefaced. You have no idea what it's like to be a victim of such behaviour, and you have the gall to tell women and men who took exception to it that they need to chill, and it's all harmless and normal behaviour. Well, maybe in our deeply mysoginist culture it's normal, but it's far from harmless.

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It's kind of disorienting when reality doesn't support politics, isn't it?
Politics have nothing to do with it. In fact, the one who is ignoring reality to keep up his ideological vision of the world here is you.

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By the way, don't you work as a model?
So, the "feminist" shaming a female posters because she had pictures of herself on the web. How "progressive", and "liberated" of you.

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But I suppose your generation thinks the very idea of a Sexual Revolution is all icky and yucky, right? Does that make my schtick bigger than your schwartz?
Yes, tell the sexy Italian guy how I think that sex is "icky and yucky".

But again, that's your usual tactic: try to shame opponents into submission, instead of talking about the actual content.

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Ah, a beauty contest is now rape. And I suppose our BOTW is asking for it by wearing those provocative clothes, right?
That's full of shit, even for you. Those women are subject to crass, shallow, dehumanazing comments that treat them as pieces of meat. Comments that will make you furious if they were towards you. But they dress provocatively, so in your view, are they asking for it? That's the line of reasoning you are threading, so it's quite rubbish that you are accusing people who take exception to it of that.

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but bringing up the fact that women do it too is just to point out that sexuality is a harmless part of the Human experience.
Sexuality is. Sexual harrassment don't. In fact...

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I've tried to explain this to you in the past, and I probably won't be any more successful now, but the fact is that sexuality is not sexism.
The fact that you can't see the difference between sexuality and sexual harrassment is disconcerting, but I guess not surprising.
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