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Re: what's next for Marvel (movies)?

I haven't seen this news posted here yet. Apologies if this info snuck its way into another thread that I missed.

Edgar Wright speaks about Ant-Man at Comic-con...

Wright confirmed he made a test reel, saying, “It’s only a teaser – I shot a little test … but it’s completely unfinished, we shot it two weeks ago.” The crowd cheered as the lights dimmed, and the footage showed a shot of a hallway through a grate, which pulls out to reveal Ant-Man in his tiny form, peering out at two security guards.

He attacks the duo, rapidly grows to full size, and then shrinks back down, an effect that goes on throughout the fight. There’s plenty of Wright-esque humor and style involved – clear even through the green screens and wires, especially when Ant-Man runs across a gun barrel to dislodge one of the guard’s teeth. After kicking proper butt, Ant-Man steps into the elevator the men had been guarding and takes a somewhat comedic pause before pressing the button.


Perhaps generating the film’s slogan, he continued, “It is action-packed! Ant-Man will kick your ass one inch at a time.”
Also, Simon Pegg commented on Edgar Wright's upcoming schedule on Twitter...

“Okay, so to be absolutely clear we start shooting World’s End, 10 weeks from now, then @edgarwright will shoot Ant Man next year.”
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