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I'm amused at how oddly mundane the various "rackets" in this serial are. Instead of mad scientists trying to conquer the world with their atomic zombies and death rays, we've had insurance scams, a car theft ring, and now an attempt to drive a bus line out of business . . .
I think they were trying to be like the radio series (even having the radio actor Al Hodge take over the voice when the mask went on), and thus be fairly episodic. I bet the radio series dealt with similarly everyday rackets. I have the impression that this kind of widespread organized crime was a real, pervasive problem at the time, which is why you had radio shows like TGH and Gangbusters that were all about breaking up "rackets."

And, yeah, I keep waiting for Casey to get out of the office and actually get into some trouble. Strange to realize that we're six episodes in and she hasn't even met the Green Hornet yet!
Given how formulaic this has been so far, I'm not sure that'll happen at all, until maybe the very end.

(Oh, and technically she has met the Hornet, she just doesn't know it...)
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