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So now three Castle cast members will have done DC stuff. Nathan Fillion has been Steve Trevor and Hal Jordan (twice), and Stana Katic was Talia in Arkham City. I like Quinn on Castle, so it'll be interesting to see her Supergirl.
Four. Before any of those, Susan Sullivan was Queen Hippolyta on Justice League/Justice League Unlimited (and also has a Marvel connection, having played Bill Bixby's love interest in the pilot of The Incredible Hulk).

And you can throw in some recurring Castle guest stars: DC Animated Universe veterans include Dana Delany (Lois Lane and Andrea Beaumont), Michael Dorn (Steel and Kalibak), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern, a different Steel, and others), and Robert Picardo (Amazo). Dan Castellaneta (who appeared as a judge a couple of times on Castle) was the Ventriloquist/Scarface on The Batman. And currently, Michael Trucco and Adrian Pasdar play unrelated characters named Strange (Adam and Hugo, respectively) on Young Justice.
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