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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Just got completely caught up. This is a great story, CeJay! I'll add my kudos for your great character work in this story.

Captain Donners is having to walk a razor's edge between following her orders and following her command instincts in a situation that is becoming more complex with each chapter. Now with the Romulans in the mix, the chance for a catastrophic outcome has grown by geometric proportions.

Maya seems up to the task - she's shown herself willing to deal with recalcitrant senior officers while listening to the counsel of her senior NCO and of course, the Counselor. Texx is also showing his moxie as First Officer. But the relatively young and often volatile crew may be facing a challenge that will stretch them to the breaking point. Truly a tense and dramatic tale with major consequences not just for the Federation but the entire quadrant.

And I'm also enjoying the flashback to the Lexington and Commodore Wesley and co. You're doing a great job portraying them as well!
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