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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

Rush Limborg wrote:
Sheesh. Are you really so troubled by a prior discussion, sir, that you would say something so totally irrelevant, here?
For someone who is apparently so insistent on having certain characters be completely consistent and infallible to suddenly begin displaying a certain degree of nuance in interpretation in order to place Keiko firmly into the category of 'bitch' is a bit... well, rich. The urge to wax sarcastic is rather strong in such a case.

Keiko may have complained about various aspects of Miles' posting, which is understandable. And she may have been inflexible and stubborn in arguing with her husband (characteristic of a number of relationships I've been in, actually). But at the end of the day, Keiko being loyal to her husband was not the exception rather than the rule. When her husband was held by the Cardassians, she turned her stubbornness straight on the presiding Cardassian judge. She comes off as a supportive and caring wife in a number of episodes - but it's not a side we generally see, since as far as story is concerned the times we see Keiko are generally when there is some conflict between her and O'Brien.

I dare anyone, man or woman, not to come off as a total jackass when the overwhelming majority of times we see them are when they are arguing with their SO.
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