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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Dear God I just sat through an episode of the Walking Dead season 2 where Lori argued with Andrea because she spent her time guarding the encampment putting more pressure on the remaining women to do the cooking and the cleaning! She even accused her to sitting and working on her tan while on guard duty! Wtf? I don't think my jaw fell open so wide since I saw Brad Pitt's abs in Thelma and Louise.

I know these characters are supposed to be hicks but really that level of sexism is lamentable in a 'modern drama without something to balance it out. They didn't even give Andrea any decent comeback about Rick clubbing her on the head and dragging her back to his cave.

And for god's sake will somebody please start sharing skills other than shooting a gun. They have one guy that can fix stuff, one guy that can hunt, one guy with any medical knowledge (who hasn't taught his children anything), and one guy who could play the guitar. Singing round the campfire is now out so they might as well spend some time learning about anatomy.
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