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Re: Jessica Nigri: Babe of the week #29 (July 2012)

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- "Sexism is only about wage equality!" from the guy who thinks he can't ever be sexist because he has worked with midwives in the past. (I'm just mentioning this to make sure he won't tell the story again. Is it the equivalent of "I have many black friends!"?)
Why would I tell that story? It's not really applicable here. That came up when some women were complaining about sexual references in Misc ("boys' locker room talk"-- there's some sexism if you want some ). I used that story as one of several examples that women are the equal of men and should not need to be protected. A more appropriate story that I've told before would be from when I was in QI at St Margaret's. I worked with a nurse named Mary who once wanted to go to her friend's bachelorette party where they were going to see male strippers, but her husband wouldn't "let" her. To cheer her up, I brought her in a Chippendale's calendar, which she loved. Our boss, a nurse named Maureen, came into the office while she was looking at it and Mary had a moment of panic. But Maureen, a bit older and the prim and proper type, also loved it and told Mary to hang it on the bulletin board. It's kind of disorienting when reality doesn't support politics, isn't it? By the way, don't you work as a model?

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You wouldn't know feminism if it hit you in the face with a fallopian tube. Seriously, you shtick is really getting old, and nobody is buying it anymore.
All righty then. I have no idea what you imagine my "shtick" to be, but I was a feminist long before you were even born. Back when it was called Women's Lib and was part of the Sexual Revolution. But I suppose your generation thinks the very idea of a Sexual Revolution is all icky and yucky, right? Does that make my schtick bigger than your schwartz?

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Excellent post. I've said very similar things about these threads in the past. It usually falls on deaf ears, though. These are the same people who promote rape culture, whether intentionally or not, through their devaluation of women and articulation of a woman's role as simply being a vessel for man's sexual pleasure. It's disgusting.
Ah, a beauty contest is now rape. And I suppose our BOTW is asking for it by wearing those provocative clothes, right? Wow. With a Left Wing like this, who needs a Right Wing?

"Women do it, too!" isn't an argument, either. Men haven't endured millennia of subjugation and second-class status. Men aren't raped at anywhere near the rates women are. "Male privilege" is still a very real thing, so guys trying to claim victim status over this shit can fuck off, because it's just not true.
I don't know where you're coming up with this "victim status" thing, unless it's something they teach in poli sci now, but bringing up the fact that women do it too is just to point out that sexuality is a harmless part of the Human experience. I've tried to explain this to you in the past, and I probably won't be any more successful now, but the fact is that sexuality is not sexism.

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It's that the whole point of the thread is not about talking about the women, but rating them on whether they're attractive or not. Besides reducing the discussion to the most shallow sexual factors, it also reeks of horny nerds having a big circle jerk together behind their computers.
People rate everything, from avatars to books to athletes to babes. There's no harm in it. And whether anyone approves of it or not, it's not sexism.
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