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Re: General Music Thread

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I can't wait for the movie Imaginaerum later this year. And on that, it's spelled Imaginaerum, but still pronounced Imaginarium in the track Storytime.

^ What part of the genre has "bitten" you? I find there's a wide range of styles within the genre, but nothing I've ever disliked.
I really want to see that movie when it comes out, if only to see how they've fitted Nightwish into it. I think Storytime may have been recorded before they changed the name IIRC, brilliant song BTW

It's not so much the symphonic metal bands I know, but when surfing for good symph metal bands I often come across bands that do too much of the typical metal shouting in their songs (it seems Nightwish's style is best suited to my tastes, and not much else is when it comes to metal) so while I like finding music from blogs and the like, I'm always apprehensive about checking out any metal songs by a band I know little about.

I will check out that Pythia song when I get time/my internet starts working faster also, thanks marillion
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