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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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I'm glad that War Zone is a "spin-off" of sorts to Rucka's current Punisher run, rather than a separate title written by a different author. That would've been disappointing, since Rucka is doing really good work on the title.
Which is what makes it's conclusion a downer. The excuse for the story also is a cop-out imo. When have the other good guys ever fully excepted Frank or his methods. Saying the have to 'now' deal with him as been done in one way or another already. Meaning no title should ever be too long in the 616 cause the hard core heroes see Frank as equal to Kingpin, a bad guy. Shame cause I like Frank interacting with 616.

Dark Avengers #177 - the only part of the story I truly care about is the 3 pages of Man-Thing development. The time trapped T-Bolts are trying to get back to the present. Luke Cages' newly formed Dark Avengers are doing something I don't recall honestly (glossed over these pages).
Man-Thing, while regaining his conscience/intellect and ability to vocally communicate his emphatic nature has been greatly diminished. Ghost asks him if he can tap into the Nexus and teleport the team out. He says he cant, not that he won't. He explains to Ghost that he used to could feel how to do that and his connection to that is least for now. I'm assuming that's resolved, when it is will his other humanity flee with it.
Satana tries a teleportation and, well, the last panel you have to see. It's a blatant character rip for Judge Dredd. They are now in a future with this character boring down atop them.
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