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Re: General Music Thread

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My favourite band is Stone Temple Pilots but my musical tastes are quite eclectic
No "but" needed, that's probably why you are such a big fan.

STP are one of the most eclectic rock bands to really hit the bigtime that I can think of. Something they don't receive enough credit for.
I was actually going to go into detail on STP's eclecticism, but decided to keep it more about my music taste in general. But yes, I have thought about that this and I think that is why my tastes are so eclectic, yet I would say my tastes weren't eclectic before I discovered STP. STP came first, than my musical horizons were opened.

I remember when I first got into them during the No. 4 era and I started buying all their albums, that I kept hearing all of these songs I liked and had heard on the radio, but never realized they were all by the same band. The difference in sound from their first album to their 3rd is so drastic and yet they had multiple hit songs off both (as they do on all their albums which all have a different sound).
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