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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

Professor Zoom wrote: View Post
I remember people being pumped because of the Superman Returns trailer.... Just saying...
I loved SR, but I'd say this has the much stronger teaser. Both have that same kind of quiet, reverent tone, but you can really sense just how much bigger and more epic in scope this movie will be.

Plus, it has Superman getting punched through a building.

Out Of My Vulcan Mind wrote: View Post
Of course a good trailer can lead to a disappointing movie (and vice versa), but it's still far better for a movie to have good reaction to its trailers in terms of building buzz. It's just an early step, but you'd rather have that first step go well rather than result in a stumble.
Yeah I always think back to the excellent teaser for Bay's Pearl Harbor, with the shots of the Japanese Zeros flying in over the small town and the people looking up in wonder....

It's easy to make something seem deep and moving and profound with the right music playing over it. Unfortunately as we know, the movie itself was nowhere near as good.
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