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Re: Urban outs the villain. Maybe.

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People get all excited at the idea of Gary Seven or Gary Mitchell, but when they hear "Khan" they yelp "remake."

That makes no fucking sense.

Khan is a genuine character, thanks both to Montalban and to a narrative which established a long history for him prior to meeting Kirk and company and a life on-screen that went on to encompass fifteen or twenty years.

Mitchell is a one-off, with no significance or life other than servicing the demands of a very specific plot; you either tell the story of How Gary Became God or you get the fuck out. Seven is even less than that, a cardboard set-up for a TV series no one was interested in (not even to the extent of being willing to fund a stand-alone pilot).

There hasn't been a detail released - granted, there haven't been many, period - suggesting that this movie is a remake of anything.
Legion, come on!! Khan is a genuine character because he was in an episode and then a movie. if he was only in an episode, he'd be nowhere near the "genuine character" you say he is.
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