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Re: General Music Thread

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I thought Memories was from an earlier WT era than Faster, which I know is rather new. It's the better of the two. I keep meaning to get more into them but I never get round to it.

With Nightwish, I do prefer Anette really (Amaranth is a REALLY great song, as is nearly the entirety of Imaginaerum) but there is something about Tarja's voice that is still very appealing, particularly her energy on certain tracks on Century Child and Once. I also need to check out some of her solo work, she does have a new track floating around.

That Xandria song was very good, thanks. I keep trying to explore the genre as best I can but only dipping my toe into it, and too often it comes out bitten.
An "up and coming" band along these lines is Pythia, featuring Emily Ovenden (of Mediaeval Baebes fame - another FANTASTIC group)... They are a bit more raw and unpolished than bands like Within Temptation and Nightwish, but she has an amazing voice.

I'm really enjoying Within Temptation's latest and I'm also enjoying their newish sound.. Their first couple of CDs left me cold because of the growly/screamo lyrics, which is a shame, because the music was amazing. One of the songs off Unforgiving, Sinead, has been remixed by VnV Nation, an Irish techno/industrial band, but I can't seem to find a way buy it here in the states...

Here is Pythia's latest, in all their "Game of Thrones" glory.. LOL
Pythia - The Circle

And for good measure, here is something from the Mediaeval Baebes.
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