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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

No Batman...but still an issue full of awesomeness! Another great issue from Miller and Perez. Perez's artwork is getting better with each passing issue IMO. I agree with Admiral James Kirk's assessment of the issue. It's a perfect balance of action and characterization. I continue to like this version of Sam Lane and his dynamic with Superman reminds me of what Grant Morrison has done with the two characters in his Action Comics. Lane isn't antagonistic towards Superman because he hates him or aliens like the DCU version, he is following orders. Washington's attitude towards Clark is natural. I kind of see this unfolding eventually where the two groups have a mutual understanding with each other, perhaps Lane becomes the military liason to Superman or something like that.

Now to Hank Henshaw. Well as if it wasn't obvious that we would get Cyborg Superman, Miller's continued set up delivered the one two punch! I don't really like the motivation for Hank to hate Superman in have Luthor who takes no blame for his actions (again...Lex just doesn't seem to get it lol) and you have Henshaw's wife misdirecting blame onto Superman. At least it feels like logic that "Smallville" would do. This is their take on the character so I respect that and it fits in with how villains have been created in this reality. I did like the scanning of various images that Henshaw did. Then end bit was fantastic.
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