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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Anyone who isn't reading ASM is missing out on some great Spidey work. I enjoyed "Ends of the Earth" so much that I went back and started reading Slott's run at #648 (the first "Big Time" issue). I'm currently up to #662, then will have to buy some issues again when I finish #673 to bridge the gap up to EOTH.

Hell, I'm even looking forward to seeing this Alpha sidekick character introduced, because Slott's work so far has earned my absolute trust. It also seems like a natural evolution these days for Spidey given his involvement in the Future Foundation and the Avengers.

ComiXology was nice enough to have a 99 cent sale recently for lots of Amazing issues, right around the release of the movie, so that dovetailed quite well with my desire to start at the beginning of Slott's solo run.

As for the "Minimum Carnage" crossover... I had been planning to drop Venom after Remender leaves the title (purely out of a desire to cut down on some titles, especially given some - like ASM - that ship more than once a month), but I expect to keep reading Scarlet Spider so I'll have to at least pick up Venom's crossover issues.

I'm glad that War Zone is a "spin-off" of sorts to Rucka's current Punisher run, rather than a separate title written by a different author. That would've been disappointing, since Rucka is doing really good work on the title.
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