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Re: Jessica Nigri: Babe of the week #29 (July 2012)

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So, when a couple of the female posters here start drooling over, for example, a pic of Daniel Craig in a speedo (which they've been known to do), we're all supposed to get bent out of shape at, and whine about, their 'sexism' as well?

Didn't think so.

Bottom line is that, subject to some inappropriate comment about sexual violence or the like, these threads are simply a harmless excuse to look at a pretty girl [who, more often than not, trades on her looks for fame in any event] and say whether you think she's attractive to you or not.

Again, if you don't like them, don't look at them...and certainly don't bump them back to the top by posting in them.
You don't really seem to get it, do you? The sexist part isn't saying that someone is attractive. It's voting up and down on a woman like she's a piece of meat. Previously, there was at least the hint of the person's acting/career playing a part in this up and down voting but that's clearly gone now. Which may actually be a good thing because now these threads can be what they've always wanted to be: anonymous men on the internet deciding what is and isn't attractive while making snarky remarks about women as if they're inanimate objects that exist only to please you. These threads are the very definition of the male gaze and the reason women feel incredibly more uncomfortable about their appearance than men do when they walk out the door.

The problem isn't that people say, "She's hot." The problem is that people say, "She's ugly." The poll options might as well be "fuck her" and "discard her."

Also, you can keep saying it as if it's fact, but I'm not for closing these threads at all. It's quite illuminating, I think, to see what certain posters post.

But just remember the next time you or Rush Limborg or whoever else decides to complain about modern society, that the line of thought apparent in threads like these is one of the largest problems in our society.

I'm obviously not going to win in this argument, though. I'm going to be told that I'm overreacting or that I'm a feminazi or that I secretly do this to impress women or any of the hundreds of others of excuses that are thrown at men who are feminists. So I'll leave you folks to it and bother you no more.
Standing ovation.

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Also, you shouldn't confuse "feminism" with "political correctness."
You wouldn't know feminism if it hit you in the face with a fallopian tube. Seriously, you shtick is really getting old, and nobody is buying it anymore.
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