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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Christopher wrote: View Post
You're not hearing me over your own preconceptions. The point is, it's not about whether they liked a show, it's about how they defined it. Lots of people back then would have passionately denied that it was all a connected body of work. For decades, people have been claiming that the animated series wasn't "real" Trek, that the movies weren't "real" Trek, that TNG wasn't "real" Trek, that ENT wasn't "real" Trek.
I don't know about the cartoon, but the rest are connected whether people like it or not.

Heck, I see from your profile that you've been on this board since 2003. So I'm surprised you don't remember all the arguments about whether Enterprise was a "real" prequel or an alternate timeline. They weren't that long ago.
I just said that I've been there for all of it.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
Abrams' movies haven't caused Star Trek to "contract" as a story. Someone could come along and do a TV series and completely ignore his parallel universe. All the potential that was there, is still there.
And that's exactly what I'm hoping for.

I wouldn't make that assumption at all, and I'm sure Les Moonves wouldn't. For starters, if space opera is so wildly popular, why has it vanished from TV? That alone makes it hard for Star Trek to get back on the air. Maybe after another space opera series or two has returned and been a solid success, that hesitation might change. The TV business is not very daring, and CBS is less daring than most.
Even the much-maligned Enterprise got millions of viewers, which is enough to make Sciffy happy.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I think the characterizations were the movie's strongest point. Abrams is good at keeping the focus on character even during the zap-pow-bang.

Temis the Vorta wrote: View Post
So even those who think he failed to create a good story should recognize that he still helped the franchise a lot more than he harmed it.
The harm is that Trek is now looked upon as a mindless action franchise, rather than the adult Space Opera it used to be. The chances of getting a new TV series may be higher, but the chances of getting a new TV series aimed at adults is lower. More movies are inevitable, but they will all be the same Asylum-level nonsense as the first.
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